Review: Arcade Fire Lights Up Independence


Arcade Fire performing the song “Creature Comfort.” The song is from their newest album, “Everything Now.”

Sophia Belshe, Editor-in-Chief, Opinion Editor

The Silverstein Eye Center Arena, usually home to the Missouri Mavericks hockey team, took new form Oct. 27 to welcome alternative band Arcade Fire for a uniquely stunning show.

Opening act Bomba Estéreo gave an electric performance that was fun and full of energy, even if their style is not mainstream.

Arcade Fire then came out to boxing themed intro and stage design to match, with boxing ring ropes lining the stage.

Their performance was not only audibly impressive, but visually stunning from start to finish. Their 360 degree stage design ensured that there wasn’t a bad seat in the intimate 5,800 capacity arena. Their creative use of lighting, practical effects and video elements made the show incredibly fun to watch as the atmosphere transformed from song to song.

The band members also flexed their versatility by playing various instruments throughout the show. Front woman Régine Chassagne was especially impressive, taking on keys, vocals, drums, xylophone and, at one point, a set of bottles.

Arcade Fire’s set list was also well crafted. They highlighted the best songs from their most recent album, “Everything Now,” while still playing fan favorites from all of their previous albums.

Elements of their stage design also harken back to their last Kansas City area show at Starlight Theatre in 2014. During songs like “Reflektor,” the stage featured mirrors, just as it did on their last tour. This common thread helps create memorable themes for the audience and leaves concert goers wanting to come back again and again.

Overall, Arcade Fire’s shows can’t be beat. Their combination of sound, visuals and atmosphere create a one of a kind experience you can’t get from any other band. Whether it’s a show on their current tour or a future one, they’re sure to leave audiences “infinitely content.”