Alumni return for men’s soccer game


Milad Jahani, Reporter

The battle between age and beauty reached its peak at the South soccer alumni game. The current varsity soccer players and former South alums faced off in an intense match that led to a 4-4 draw on Friday. It was all for fun and games according to Assistant Coach Tim Wiseman.

“You know I think it started out pretty good… having fun was the end goal in it,” Wiseman said.

Junior TJ Mikkelson, who made varsity as a freshman, had the chance to play against some of the soccer program’s forefathers.

“I don’t really know a lot of them, so it’s better to learn the generations of South soccer players, you know? Seeing what they were known for. It’s just fun to play against them too,” Mikkelson said.

For seniors, the story is a little bit different, as many of them will return to play in the alumni game next year.

“I’m excited,” senior and soccer captain Tim Nuñez said. “Definitely excited to come back next year as an alumni. I’ll be here no matter what… It was great to see all these guys. We were missing a couple alumni but it was really fun.”

Jonny Wainscott, class of 1995, proved to be one of the alumni’s best players despite being in his early 40’s.

When asked about his favorite memories from South, Wainscott said, “I enjoyed the whole thing. I enjoyed the SMESL. Lots of fun in the SMESL. Marsha Pipes, greatest teacher of all time… [There are] about a thousand people that would agree that she was the best teacher.”

Wainscott also talked about how he loved when KSMS would play music at lunch. He gave a piece of advice to seniors as well.

“In just a minute you’ll be in the alumni game. It goes by fast. And don’t drink and drive,” Wainscott said.

*Story edited for grammar August 23, 2018, 12:35 p.m.