Boys soccer takes down defending state champs

Milad Jahani, Reporter

South took their first win of the season versus against what were the 7-0 Olathe East Hawks.

South, who was ranked at the bottom of the Sunflower League at 0-7, miraculously pulled out a win, scoring two goals in the last 15 minutes of the game against Olathe East.

“I mean it feels amazing, especially senior year. We battled so long for so many games and to finally get this win, it’s just indescribable really,” senior captain Tim Nuñez said.

Nuñez got the first goal of the game in the 13th minute of the second half on a rocket from 40 yards out when he saw the opposing goalkeeper slacking.

“Well I saw the ball and I knew the keeper was out… so I just looked at the goal and I took a shot and it came off,” Nuñez said.

Four minutes later, senior Colin Wilkinson sealed the game when he scored a header on an assist from junior TJ Mikkelson.

“You know, it’s really beautiful. It’s breathtaking especially since I scored, so it really means something. Something I will always remember for the rest of my life,” Wilkinson said.

This is the first time South has beaten Olathe East in at least 3 years.

“I think it was more heart this game. We knew we were playing a tougher opponent, these guys are first place in the league, undefeated, so it felt really good to actually be able to put our energy and heart out there and to battle to the very end. We went all the way to 80 minutes battling it,” Nuñez said.

The whole game wasn’t all positives though, as South received two yellow cards in the 29th minute. The first came when junior Jeffry Marquez collided with another player while attempting to make a play. The second came immediately after when Nuñez tried to reason with the ref.

South is currently 1-7 and has eight more games this season. Their next game is Thursday against Olathe West at the College Boulevard Activity Center.