Principal Todd Dain makes national news over viral video


Ali Harison, News editor

All of 2019 has been very cold, snowy and especially icy – as Principal Todd Dain found out firsthand on Wednesday, Feb. 6. After stepping out of his truck, Dain’s feet hit the icey ground and he wiped out – “unsuccesfully tested the ice melt in the parking lot” as he said on Twitter – losing all of his coffee in the process. No one was around to see it, but the security cameras caught it all.

Students were dismissed early from school due to these dangerous conditions – as proved by Dain – and were later informed of school being cancelled the following day.

In all of this, Dain went viral. His tweet has hundreds of likes and over a thousand retweets. His video was featured all over local news, but also made it’s way to the nation on Good Morning America and Fox & Friends.