School Without Seniors


Annalie Polen, news editor

As we finish up our last few weeks of school it may feel a little empty in the halls without seniors. The seniors finished up and were ready to graduate before all the other underclassman had even begun finals. School days without the seniors feel a little different as we miss some of our favorites seniors.

“The parking lot is easier to get a better spot and the traffic isn’t as bad but it’s kind of quiet and empty,” Freshmen Kate Early said.

There are many downs of the seniors being gone and can make the school feel not quite the same. There are some pros, though including how empty the parking lot feels with them gone. Their absence allows for much closer parking even when coming in a littler later than normal.

“I miss my friends,” junior Maci Gunter said.

The cons of the seniors being gone outweigh the pros as we finish up our last few days without our senior friends.