Senior Advice

Rising seniors give advice to the incoming freshmen.


Kareem Dadkhah, reporter

Jose Sorto 

“The best thing to do is not put off work. A lot of people like to put things off to the very last minute and it’s a very stressful thing for people to do. Keep organizing, and stay ahead of things. The more you do that, the better your high school experience will be. You’ll have a lot more free time if you get stuff out of the way. And don’t put it off to the last minute.”


Jake Wright

“Don’t slack off freshman year because it’ll ruin your GPA for the rest of high school. You may not care freshman year but you will junior-senior year.”


Julia House

“I would say to make friends with everybody in your class and try to make the best out of high school even though it can be tough.”


Quincy Chopp

“To actually think through your actions because in high school your decision-making, and what you say to people, affects how people perceive you for these four years. For me, a big thing was just thought through all your actions, and don’t take everything really seriously.”


Alex Ramsay

“Get involved. I didn’t believe it when everyone said it to me t but actually get involved in stuff. Like find something you’re interested in at school and keep doing that throughout your years.”


Katelyn Colwell

“Go to class. It’s better to be in class and not pay attention and still get your attendance than sitting in the bathroom. 


Max Moody

“I’d say find something that you enjoy and stick to it.”


Ava Smith

“Do not stand in the middle of the halls. It’s really annoying.”


Clare Bradley

“I would say to keep your GPA up freshman year and get good grades because that sets a good foundation for the rest of high school. And secondly, I would say to just get involved and talk to people you don’t think you would normally talk to and get to know all the new people you’re around.”


Cameron Chopp

“The most important thing is probably getting involved with the school. It doesn’t really matter the club or the sport. Just go for it.”


Taylor Smith

“My words of advice would definitely be getting work done on time, going to games and participating, and meeting new people, especially in older grades that you may not have known have common interests with you.”


Reece Howard

“Honestly, be yourself and put yourself out there because people aren’t going to do it for you. Join things that you might not like, try it anyway because you might end up loving it.”


Shyanna Lindsey

“Well, my advice to the freshmen would be to make lots of friends because high school is long, and it goes by fast. But if you have people there with you, I think you’ll enjoy it way more. And you should be involved because when you’re involved you get to meet new people that you might be friends with for the longest. And don’t worry about it. It’s not even like what the movies make it seem like. Just do your own thing.”