Back From Break Bingo

Ella Buss

Gini Horton, Head Web Editor

Shouting and cheering at the announcement of “B1” chips clinking as students muttered the number they needed to complete a line of five. Back From Break Bingo was put on by the Student Council to lift spirits as students readjusted to school.
“We thought coming back from break is hard for everyone, especially the students, we just wanted to do something that would distract students from homework and school happening,” junior Sadie Holloway said. “We just wanted to do something fun.”
The event was free to everyone and pizza was provided to all in attendance. Prizes were provided by KSMS who also played music throughout the evening.
“KSMS added the jams and really helped create a fun atmosphere,” Holloway said. “The video they made just shows that the stuff we say is cool will actually be really cool and fun”

Students who won got gift card prizes ranging from $10 to $25 or vouchers for free drinks at Vibe Nutrition. Seven rounds were played, multiple regular rounds, a round of doubles, a round of four corners, a round of borders and a round of blackout to end the night.
“Bingo always kind of gets you excited because everyone wants to win, and since it’s a game of chance everyone has the same chance of winning” Holloway said.
A night full of laughter and cheers as students joked with friends over pizza and the chance of a prize. This was the first Back From Break Bingo, StuCo will be working on the Sweetheart dance on February 22, and will have their second Trivia Night in April.