Trunk or Treat Recap

Annalie Polen, Co Editor in Chief

For the past four years, PLS has put on the annual trunk or treat. Each year different groups and clubs come together dressed up to pass out candy to little kids. This year, they faced some weather challenges but were still able to put it on.

“I think the rain kept a lot of little kids away but the tables that we had set up, people did such a beautiful job on their decorations,” PLS teacher Sara Simpson said. 

Despite the rain, the event was able to still raise money for the Johnson County Christmas Bureau.

“It raises money for the Johnson County Christmas Bureau which is a super cool organization that gets Christmas gifts and all kinds of stuff to other people,” PLS cadet Rosemary Derr said. It is super super cool and I think we raised $113 which is awesome,” 

While the event helped raise money it also is important for other reasons. 

“I think it’s important for a lot of reasons but I think one of the primary ones is bringing together parts of the South community that don’t necessarily always come together as a group,” Simpson said. “All of our smaller clubs tend to sort of just go off and do their own thing and so when we can get you know, National Art Honors Society, Arabic club, and ASL club and some of these smaller groups together it’s really nice to be able to form a community that way.”

The event helps bring together the South community as well as the younger kids who will be future Raiders.

“My favorite part was the little kids,” Derr said. “It’s so cute to watch them, just all these kids in costumes come in through this giant high school gym and they think it’s so cool. They’re just talking and interacting with all these high schoolers which I think is super cool to be able to have that connection between the two.”

The event is not only fun for the kids who attend but also many of the tennagers.

“I think I liked watching the teenagers going around playing the games at each other’s station,” Simpson said. “They were talking and getting to know each other because these are groups that don’t always interact so watching groups of people that didn’t know each other before and getting together was great.”