Is Euphoria overhyped?

Many people debate if Euphoria is overrated. Students at South have many opinions about the popular HBO show.

In June 2019, HBO Max released a new HBO exclusive show,“Euphoria”. . The show focuses on the teenagers at East Highland Highschool and their lives. In this show, very real topics are talked about, drug addiction, sex, abusive relationships, and the modern teenage experience.

Since its premiere, the show has gained a lot of attention, popularity, and hype. People loved the outfits and fun makeup, but also how relatable the show was to many teenagers. Many people believe Euphoria is “overrated” for a number of reasons. And others don’t think so. This conversation has sparked recently since Season 2 started up.

Based on a poll of students, 42% said they watch Euphoria. And the majority of students polled said that it is overhyped. Junior Gracie Peterman is one of those students.

“I think that it glamorizes drug use and abusive relationships…,” Peterman said. “I just don’t see it as a show that is worth supporting if it only shows the side of high school that revolves around drugs and sex. Those things are fun and all but there’s definitely a healthier way to go about those topics in a show.”

Some people disagree with that assessment of the show. Senior Melanie Orr watches Euphoria and does not think it is overhyped.

“I think euphoria is a great show, the acting, costume, and film work is all just very high quality,” Orr said. “I don’t think it’s overrated because it is put together so well and it has grasped a lot of attention from viewers because of that.”

The aesthetic and style of Euphoria is what grasped many people’s attention and got them to watch the show. The show uses unique but stylish and trendy outfits and colorful makeup with glitter. People loved the different and contrasting styles each character has. Viewers started to recreate outfits and makeup looks.

Euphoria is very well known, lots of people know what it is, especially because of the fun makeup and trendy styles of the characters. There are a lot of opinions on the show, some people think it is overhyped and not worth it. Others love it and are invested fans. One thing many people can agree on is that the show is good in general, it has some imperfections, but it has gained a ton of popularity and is a well made show.