Walkout for LGBTQ+ Rights


Rachel Horsley

LGBTQ+ students and allies gather at walkout

Ren Park, Reporter

On April first, South participated in a nationwide walkout in protest against anti LGBTQ+ legislations. Students gathered in the stadium to peacefully demonstrate their support for the queer and transgender communities. 


GSA Co-presidents August Fritton and Kit Warford-Grow helped organize the walkout.


“There are a lot of attacks on trans people, especially trans kids, right now,” Fritton said. “We stand with them.”


Warford-Grow, caped in a lesbian pride flag, continued.


“Transgender people have been the center of a lot of our activism, and so it would just be like abandoning our siblings if we were to do nothing about it,” Kit said. “The laws in Texas aren’t the only thing that’s been passed. There have been people talking about it in Florida. I know in Oregon, they passed one about trans kids in sports. I believe there’s even been some proposed in Kansas. We just wanna live like everyone else does.”


After everyone seated themselves in the stands, August and Kit addressed the reason behind the walkout. Both of them discussed the harmful anti-trans bills. 


Then, a moment of silence for the loss of lives due to transphobia.


After that, members of GSA took over the microphone to say a few words. Mark Ziegler, a straight ally, expressed his support.


“I cannot let this continue,” he said. “I cannot let the people of the LGBTQIA+ community continue to suffer like this. So please, say gay.”


Many other allies showed up to express their support for the community.


“I’m here because frankly, the laws that people are trying to make in this country are stupid,” Noah Campbell, a junior, said. “I stand with my gay brothers and sisters.” 


Erika Spencer, a freshman, highlighted the importance of unity.


“I think that it’s super important to support the LGBTQ community, especially now that bills are being passed that are going to discriminate against those who are a part of the community,” she said. “You need to take a stand as a student and as an individual, because together, individuals can stop this from happening.”