Spotify introduces new AI “DJ” feature


Spotify’s AI DJ found in music tab.

Ren Park, Culture Editor

Spotify is rolling out a new AI feature called “DJ” to give users a personalized music experience. This feature plays a selection of songs along with commentary from the AI DJ, which Spotify says has a “stunningly realistic voice.” 


The popular music streaming service aims to get to know its users’ music preferences in order to deliver accurate recommendations. Should the DJ feature progress as intended, Spotify users will be able to rely on their “pocket AI DJ” to play music that will be to their liking. 


Similar to Spotify’s customized playlists that have been around for years, the DJ plays genres and songs that the user has listened to recently along with other music that the AI predicts the user will want to listen to. Every few songs, the DJ provides relevant commentary about the music it plays. In its beta stage, the AI is able to personalize its commentary by referencing the names of artists and genres. 


One of the most impressive things about this feature is that the AI really does have a stunningly realistic voice. The experience is akin to listening to a radio station that mainly plays your favorite songs across all genres. 


An example of something that the DJ said: Let’s get started with something that might take you back a little, like Arctic Monkeys.


Spotify then played “Arabella” – a song that I played on repeat in a previous year.


With the rise of artificial intelligence, Spotify is catching up with their new DJ feature. The DJ can be found in the “music” tab at the top of the home page.