Sweat, Rubber, and Crashing Weights


Leanna Farney

During the 7th hour weights class, students break a sweat

Leanna Farney, 21st century journalist

Music blares, boys grunt, weights crash. All sounds common in a weightroom. A breeze blows in the doorway. four boys are sitting outside the weight room, probably because they did not have clothes to change into. A dingy mixture of rubber and sweat forms a thick wall at the door.

“Look at this” senior Alec O’Brein says.

Jumbled yelling and heaving breathing mix with the rap music playing in the background. Curse words are screamed as weights crach to the ground. A boy jumps up from the bench and playfully hits another boy. Red faces stare up at shining, buzzing lights. Senior Bailey Obersteadt dives to a fake grass floor to strech after pushing up on a metal bar. Senior Adam North switches out weights for a fellow student. A junior drinks red Gatorade. Crash! Another weight hits the floor heaved by a boy with a red face and a bead of sweat across his forehead.

Several boys joke around with each other.

“Parkour” one boy says as he leaps over one of the benches.

The boys laugh and push each other. They continue to joke and rough house just as the big coach comes over.

“If you boys wanna play, there’s a playground outside. You got to work to stay in here,” booms the coaches stern voice.

“Ok last set, one up,” the coach says to everyone else

Eminem’s rap lyrics come through the speakers in the corner in the background. Senior Bryan Garcia wears gloves as he pushes up on a discolored metal bar. North leasurly walks over to the fake grass and sits down. He streches his legs out and leans forward to streach. Next to North, O’Brien lays down on the ground to start doing triangle push ups.

Slam! All of a sudden the back door shuts. A group of boys are hudled around the door laughing. A single boy looks into the room with a distraught look across his face. The coach comes over and unlocks the door and props it back open. With one stern look the boys scatter.

“Are we done” one boy says exhaused. Red faces laugh and turn back to the weights.