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A Busy Day In The Office

A rare moment of silence in the Shawnee Mission South office on Wednesday, March 8.

Madison Hickert, 21st Century Journalist

April 5, 2017

The Shawnee Mission South office is quite a busy place. Diane Johnson, the perky, smiley receptionist, is always greeting someone new to the office. “So it’s 1:30 and I still don’t have my lunch done yet, and I started early today,” Johnson says. “I have my lunch done and it’s only 1:45!...

Spring Cleaning

A student helps a teacher clean the tables after lunch.

Gini Horton, 21st Century Journalist

April 4, 2017

Clangs and scrapes can be heard from the cafeteria during seventh hour. The custodians, and some students, are hard at work cleaning the mess left from the three lunches. The occasional scrape of a chair, or short conversation broke the silent hum of the lunchroom. Lights flickered and hummed, fr...

The Halls of South

The upper floor halls seem quiet.

Ansley Chambers, 21st Century Journalism

April 3, 2017

One might think that the hallways are only loud and busy during passing period. That is true, but apparently, it’s always passing period in the green and gold decked halls that are home to the Raiders. The halls are anything but bare. Groups of students seem to always be working in the halls on g...

Cherubic Arabic

Cherubic Arabic

Kaitlyn Wallace, 21st Century Journalism

December 7, 2016

Mashes of Arabic, English and other various sounds zing across room 366 as students attempt to wrangle and subdue the lyrical Arabian speech. They sit at dark groupings of tables near the front of the room, leaving the back decidedly empty, save the seat I had managed to sneak and the teachers desk in...

NAHS Kicks Off The Year With Some Fun And Games

Corinth Elementary held a fall festival Friday, Sept. 23.

Madison Holloway, Ads Editor

September 24, 2016

There is a strong smell of cotton candy and popcorn in the air. Kid’s Bop is coming through the speakers. Kids are walking around and around in a circle, screaming, giggling and doing the most unique dance moves you have ever seen. This is the cake walk at the Corinth Elementary Fall Fest. Four N...

The Lunchroom ‘Off-Duty’

Janitor Jackie Casteel sweeps the cafeteria after lunch.

Madison Holloway, 21st Century Reporter

April 27, 2016

A boy walks down the hall, whistling loudly over the whine of a saw in the woods room. There is a crinkle and snap of a trashbag being opened. Many interesting sounds fill these halls but, overall there is a simply the monotonous hum of students busy in their classrooms. Once inside the cafeteria, sun ...

Sweat, Rubber, and Crashing Weights

During the 7th hour  weights class, students break a sweat

Leanna Farney, 21st century journalist

April 26, 2016

Music blares, boys grunt, weights crash. All sounds common in a weightroom. A breeze blows in the doorway. four boys are sitting outside the weight room, probably because they did not have clothes to change into. A dingy mixture of rubber and sweat forms a thick wall at the door. “Look at this...

Typical Day in the Office

Towards the end of the school day the office winds down.

Carlee Alexander, 21st Century Journalism

April 26, 2016

In the calm room with sounds of fax machines and printers going off the phone rings, “Shawnee Mission South, how can I direct your call?” “Ok hold on” as Receptionist Diane Johnson says as she picks up the phone. People going in and out you never know who you’re going to see. “How was th...

Counseling Center – more than a boring room

The Counseling Center is a place where students get advice about their classes, colleges or personal issues.

Franka Lohmann, 21 Century Reporter

April 25, 2016

It feels comfortable and warm. Flowers on the front desk help create a familiar atmosphere.  “Last day for Seniors is May 13th” is popping up in red over and over again on the display over the main desk.   People walk in and out all the time, but it doesn’t seem rushed. Everyo...

Life outside the classroom

South's front hall has a new security system.

Javen Pouncil, 21st Century Journalist

April 24, 2016

“I’m at all the schools but I’m just a floater, wherever they need me is where I go,” Officer Jordan says. What’s it like being a front door officer at Shawnee Mission South? Hours spent sitting in a seat located in a quiet, cold floored room, continuous listening to the sound of the d...

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