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Save Christmas For After Thanksgiving

Save Christmas For After Thanksgiving
December 3, 2019

At last, Thanksgiving has passed and it's time to truly get into the Christmas spirit. However, for many people, it's been Christmas time for months. I am here to give an oh-so-warm and heart-felt "thank...

Proposed policy could restrict student journalists’ rights

Proposed policy could restrict student journalists' rights
District board members propose new policy, which could censor student publications.
June 24, 2019

The first reading of a new district policy was done at the Shawnee Mission School District board meeting on Monday, June 24. The proposal would give the school and district the opportunity to restrict...

Editorial Cartoons

21st Century Journalism class: editorial cartoons.
December 8, 2017

IPS-the big oops

IPS-the big oops
November 13, 2017

The Individual Plan of Study (IPS) is now required to graduate any high school in the state of Kansas, this decision is about as well thought out as the state funding for public schools. In the state...

Our Earth, Our Choice

Our Earth, Our Choice
March 6, 2017

   One highly controversial topic in today’s society is the role of human activity in climate change and the existence of global warming at all. Global warming is the gradual increase in the average...

Growing up in the Obama Presidency

Growing up in the Obama Presidency
February 14, 2017

Like many high schoolers, Barack Obama has been president for most of my life. Inclusion and high environmental standards were a staple of his presidency. His terms were also marked by healthcare and Wall...

Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Being Single on Valentine's Day
February 5, 2017

For years people have struggled to find a date for Valentine's Day. Why? Is being single all that bad? Is having the coveted Valentine the whole purpose of the holiday? Valentine's Day is the second...

Check yourself before wrecking someone else.

Check yourself before wrecking someone else.
December 7, 2016

There comes a time when horseplay and insults have to be left behind us and students need to grow up. They need to become mature adults and that means no name calling and no bullying. I used to be bullied...

Why the Extra Day?

Why the Extra Day?
May 2, 2016

Because we used a snow day, for the Royals parade, school will not be ending May 26, but instead on May 23. The district will have all schools hold classes for half the day.   We shouldn’t have to...

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