Perspective on Finals


Annalie Polen, News Editor

As I lay awake in my bed at 11:57, trying to work on anything to salvage my grade because I have a B in a class that I should have an A in, I  have begun to think about finals and what it all means. Probably one of the most dreaded weeks for every high schooler in the whole year, except of course the week in 2nd semester when you do it all again. As we spend hours the night before a big final trying to almost reteach yourself the whole semester worth of learning, it is hard to find any positivity in the 7 massive tests that stand before you and two weeks of freedom. It’s hard not to only focus on the the 89.5% you have to get on your final to keep your B, but maybe there is more than the dreaded numbers and letters. If you look at the semester beyond your exact grade percentage, there is so much to reflect on what has been learned. Obviously your semester of whatever class you took, but every experience you have had at the football and basketball games. Every time you found your own success in your own sport or club. Even just the random thing you laughed at in lunch with your friends that made you laugh out loud in 5th hour thinking about it. All the opportunities that are posed before you for life changing memories and experiences all just made in a semester of high school. So as you sit trying to do anything to keep your grade, remember everything just beyond the letter. And maybe just maybe one day you might even look back and wish for a week like this again.