Pinhole Photography


Haley Carter, Writer

What is this project called? It’s called the pin-whole camera project

What do you do for this project? Basically you take a box and out of it you make a pinhole camera. Meaning there’s a tiny hole in the center and it’s projected onto a piece of photo paper in the back, so it’s the same as taking a picture, then you develop it and it turns into a photo

How does it work? Light comes into the tiny hole in the middle and the image is flipped onto the piece of photo paper and it exposes the photo paper with the image that you want to take a picture of and then you develop it like a normal photo.

How long have you been working on it? About three or four days. They don’t take that long to make, but it’s not easy to make them since you need to make them just right.

What exactly do you mean by just right? If you make the hole too big it will overexpose your photo when you are trying to make a photo, if you make it too small you won’t get enough light and when you develop it it really won’t look like anything at all, and you need to make the bod light-tight so when you’re carrying it around it doesn’t get exposed.

What do you do to make sure the photo paper doesn’t get exposed? You tape it closed with black duck tape or electrical tape that is light proof.

How long do you have to expose the photo film? It depends if it’s brighter you have to do it for lower if it’s darker you need to do it for longer, for this specific shot since it’s bright outside I’m going to do it for about 2 minutes.

Photos By Nic Camburako

Black and White Pinhole photos by Ronnie Smith