Update on the Democratic Primaries

The race has thinned for the 2020 democratic candidate. In our last issue, we outlined that both Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg were front-runners. However, after poor showings by both on Super Tuesday both have dropped out. This leaves us with Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Tulsi Gabbard as the only remaining viable candidates. The upcoming primaries are in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio.



  • Joe Biden combines experience and a strong fanbase to create a solid candidate. He is very popular and currently has the most endorsements by electoral officials. Joe Biden also reaches across the aisle and has experience working with Republicans as former president of the senate.


  • Bernie Sanders is an experienced, long-serving Senator who is currently leading considerably in most national polls. Despite being an Independent, Bernie finished second in the 2016 primaries to Hillary Clinton. He has denounced all donations over $2,800 and has set multiple individual grassroots fundraising records. His campaign revolves around positions such as Medicare for All and college debt help.