Subpar Streaming Services

New way to watch high school sports takes the SMSD in a wave of new and expensive problems.


This year, the Shawnee Mission School District partnered with the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) to bring high school sports fans a reliable way to watch while following Covid-19 guidelines.
Students and families have been waiting to watch their friends and loved ones play sports all year and bring back that game day feeling that they have been missing for all year… Unfortunately that’ll cost you $10.99/month or $69.99/year.
In years past students and parents would race to the stadium to watch the Raiders play on Friday nights. Although that isn’t possible for most fans this year, many still want to see their team play and they shouldn’t have to pay. Students used to be able to get in and watch games for free with their student ID. Now the students have to pay.
It’s already depressing enough to cheer for your favorite team from the couch when you could be watching it from the bleachers. Now students and families will have to pay to watch content, that was better quality when it was free.
Before the district agreed to livestream with NFHS, Souths’ own radio station, KSMS, was broadcasting the games on Youtube. They had multiple camera angles, announcers, and a scoreboard. NFHS has incorporated some of these things into their livestream, but it isn’t the same. KSMS is made by south students for south students, and now some of their best content is being taken away from them.