10 Ways That You Know You Go To South

10 Ways That You Know You Go To South

You know that you are a Raider when you have a “stellar day.”





1. You’re heartbroken when all of the chocolate cookies are sold out.




2. When you feel like you’re playing bumper cars in the parking lot.


By the time you actually get out of the parking lot it is already 3pm. Where did the time go?



3. You depend on your daily slice of pizza.


and you share with your friends


 Sharing is caring especially when pizza is involved. 😀



4. When you hear the bell music go on, you stop what you’re doing and start jamming out.


Hold up. This is my JAMMMMMMMMMM.



5. That moment when you realize that Mr. Mesh and Mrs. Mesh are married.


 Awhhh what a cute couple. <3


6. But  Mr. Mcfall and Ms. Mcfall aren’t.

_DDuffey_Buzzfeed (14) _DDuffey_Buzzfeed (4)


7. You’ve had at least one of the Baranowski’s as a teacher.


Big BEARanowski ^^

_DDuffey_Buzzfeed (6)

Baby BEARanowski ^^


8. When you spend half your lunch waiting in the lunch line.



And trying to decide which line will get you to the food faster


9. You need to have an emergency sweatshirt, even when it’s hot outside.


Baby, it’s cold in here… 

10.  When East is your biggest rival.



GO RAIDERS!!!! 😀 😀 😀