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21st Century Journalism class: editorial cartoons.
21st Century Journalism students December 8, 2017

Drivers ed costs so much money it could keep you from driving.

Drivers ed should be more affordable

Katie Hiebl, 21st Century Journalism November 21, 2017

Today, most people drive their own car as their main way of transportation. So why in today’s world is drivers ed so expensive. I think that drivers ed should be cheaper so that everyone can do it....

How Much Do We Need Math?

How Much Do We Need Math?

Hayden Zeller November 19, 2017

What if I said most Americans never use complex math during their job. You might say that is crazy and there is no way that is true, but for most Americans it is. According to about 86...

A student's cello is being stored in the instrument room in the Orchestra class. During most other hours this instrument would have been out and playing beautiful music.

Pep Rallies for the Arts

November 17, 2017

Pep rallies are meant to inspire enthusiasm. But sports are not the only groups that deserve pep rallies. An all arts pep rally would be an exciting and fun new thing to try here at South. Before and after...

If you need any extra information on colleges, then take a trip down the counseling halls. There is a board with many different colleges and college information on it. It gives students scholarships possibilities, ACT and college visit times. Next time you're walking down the counseling hall take a look at the board.

Students preparing for college throughout high school

By Olivia Riley, 21st Century Journalism November 16, 2017

Freshman year and senior year may seem far away from each other, but it is never too early to start preparing for college. There is always something students can do to help themselves prepare for that...

What you can do to help pay for college

What you can do to help pay for college

Juliana Martin , 21st Century Journalist November 16, 2017

College adviser Jasmine Morgan’s job is to help seniors figure out the next step or secondary plans in their lives.. Morgan expands their options. She also gives out resources to scholarships and grants,...

First Generation College Students vs. Second Generation College Students

First Generation College Students vs. Second Generation College Students

Hayden Zeller November 16, 2017

Which one is more beneficial, being a first generation college student or being a second generation college student, both of these can have their benefits, both of these can have their disadvantages, so...

An ad for college help featured in a school brochure.

Applying to College

Chloe Beiriger, 21st Century Journalism November 15, 2017

Students across the world are applying for college. Whether it’s finding the right time to apply, making sure you have all the requirements, getting credits or writing the actual application, all can...

Even with his busy schedule and the fact that he is more than 700 miles away, Lewis Smith made time to Skype South for an interview.

15 Questions with Lewis Smith

Jenica Kolbeck, 21st Century Journalism November 14, 2017

Former South student Lewis Smith talks about South and the Air Force. JK:  What years did you go to South? LS:  I went to South from 2011 to 2015. JK:  What activities did you participate in...

In or out-college

In or out-college

Jenica Kolbeck, 21st Century Journalism November 14, 2017

Seniors across America will be deciding on which college they will be attending this fall.  When they decide, not only do students have to take into account tuition, programs and size of schools, but...

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