Classroom Review

Ansley Chambers, Copy Editor

Top three rooms at South:

  1. Tucker Love- This is where all the magic happens. Maybe I have some bias, being a Patriot editor afterall, but that doesn’t change the lighting situation. The journalism room has outstanding room, especially for being on the bottom floor. Most basement rooms feel dark and dingy, but Room 168 and 169 will never fail to disappoint, despite being an internal room below the rest of the school with no windows for sunlight. However, there is one large window and a door connecting the classroom to the backroom. This creates the sense of a larger, more open room. Equipped with tons of furniture and simple decorations that serve both for aesthetics and journalistic purposes, Love’s room will always be one of the few rooms in the school that creates- instead of destroys- happiness.


2. Lindsey McFall- This room creates an extremely relaxed vibe. Seniors have enough stress and McFall does a fantastic job of soothing any anxiety. The room is a lovely and soft blue. The lights are often off, but with the top floor luxury of windows, there is a perfect balance of darkness and light to create a calming effect. There are also many positive messages sprinkled among the walls. Overall, this English classroom is one of the few that helps to destress.


3. Tim Williams- Despite the many negative connotations associated with this class, the room itself is actually a very cool place. It is blessed with a large window, adding lots of extra light and making the room feel bigger. The setup is also one to applaud. The openness is really beneficial to minimizing the already-high-enough stress level of freshman English students.


Bottom three rooms at South:

  1. Gym- Everyone can agree that physical education is not one of the most enjoyable classes, and none of the gymnasiums do anything to prevent that, especially the stage gym. Besides being smelly, poorly lit, having an absurd echo and the unfortunate green and yellow paint, nothing good comes out of gym. Students never leave with an obnoxiously large smile, but rather sweat stains, body odor, hatred and pain.


2. Bathrooms- Every single bathroom at South is beyond disgusting. You may need a hazmat suit to enter. The air is filled with human waste, various juul flavors and tears of students who skipped class due to stress. Various liquids scatter the floor, sink, walls and any tangible surfaces. Need I continue?


3. Tony Budetti- While most people are able to enjoy themselves enough to satisfy, this classroom works against any efforts to do so. The political tension oozes out of the walls. The color of the walls is a complete mystery. There are so many posters coming out of the walls that anyone with claustrophobia simply would die taking economics. The room is always so dark and cramped feeling. Relaxing with so much conflicting political propaganda is impossible. It is a mystery how anyone could possibly pass any of Budetti’s classes.