Return to Hybrid

With second semester on the horizon, the district makes a change to the learning model.


With the beginning of second semester, middle and high school students will return to hybrid learning on Jan. 26. This means that students who have chosen the in-person learning option will be in school 2 days a week. Similar to the last time SMSD was in hybrid mode, students with last names A-L will attend in-person classes Monday and Tuesday and attend remote classes on Wednesday and Thursday. Students with last names L-Z will learn remotely Monday and Tuesday and attend in-person classes Wednesday and Thursday. All secondary students will be in remote learning on Fridays. Superintendent Dr. Fulton said in his letter SMSD is able to return to hybrid learning because of “success in preventing COVID-19 transmission in schools.” He also mentioned increased staffing capacity after the district was able to hire student-teachers who graduated in December.