Construction Chaos

Students try navigating the new parking lot.


Construction over summer tore up the old parking lot and workers paved a new one. The new lot layout has brought major changes to the way traffic flows. There are separate circle drives for buses and parents picking up their students. The goal is to minimize congestion and help students get out safely.

“It’s safer for everyone,” science teacher Derek Berg said.

Although the intention for this new parking lot is to make it easier for everyone to get out, some aren’t sold on it just yet.

“Traffic from 107th to the parking lot is designed to be slow for safety and for people walking to school,” principal Todd Dain said.

“People don’t really know how to use it,” junior Ella Buss said. “Parents are confused and it’s hard for new drivers.”

Parents dropping off and picking up in the incorrect area is the source of much frustration.

“We are trying to provide some resources with students to tell their parents,” Dain said.

The parent loop will open next semester, following completion of the flex theater, but for now, parents can drop their students off in the gym circle drive or the bus circle drive after 7:20 a.m. Communication between students and their parents is key. When students get dropped off or picked up in the parking lot areas, it creates extra congestion before and after school.

Despite student frustration, the new lot has shown some traffic improvement.

“We are more efficient with buses than ever,” Dain said. “Buses left Thursday, August 22 at 2:48 and were out by 2:50.”

The new parking lot will be more efficient for everyone, even if it doesn’t seem like it now. It’s helping students get to and from school safely, allowing buses to exit faster, quicker drop off and a decreased amount of tardies.

“We have a lot less tardies, a lot less students late,” Dain said. “It’s going to be really awesome when it’s all done.”